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Preparing for Refractive Surgery

Monday August 2013  |  Leave a Comment

Having surgery is a big decision and now that you have decided to have LASIK surgery we want to make sure you have the best possible experience. We value the trust our patients have in us and we only provide the most up to date technology to ensure you have the best outcome for corrective vision surgery. We have our own in house laser suite with the WaveLight® Allegretto Wave® Eye-Q Laser to provide you with a customized and advanced treatment that offers accurate and reliable results. This laser was designed to offer a unique combination of efficiency and safety.

Making the decision was the hard part… now let us take care of the rest! Here is a simple list to help you get ready in preparation for the BIG day!

Eat lightly beforehand, nothing greasy or heavy on the tummy. Especially, if you have chosen to take something for anxiety before your procedure.

Be on time. Laser vision correction surgery is an extremely important event; eliminate extra stress by being on time or early. We understand situations arise and please contact Melanie (Surgery Coordinator) if something comes up. Please plan on being at our office for 60-90 minutes the day of your procedure.

Avoid caffeine consumption. When your operation date arrives, drink plenty of water instead of coffee or soda. Caffeine can cause your eyes to feel dry.

Have a responsible driver to bring you home. You will need to have a driver the day of your procedure and will not be allowed to have surgery without a responsible person to take you home.

Wear warm comfortable clothing. Our LASIK laser suite can get chilly. We want all patients to be as comfortable as possible.

Have your prescriptions filled prior to surgery. After surgery we want you to go home and rest your eyes. Having your prescription ready before hand will make this process easier for you. Plus you’ll start your drops once you get home.

Remove all cosmetics from your face before coming in for surgery. We will also clean the lids and around the eyes, please do not wear any eye make up the day of your surgery and up to 2 wks afterwards.

Do not wear any perfume or cologne. The vapors can affect the laser during surgery.

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